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Welcome to the official website of beat maker team The Cratez – buy beats in high quality, crafted by professionals today. We are a producer team from Europe who started producing rap beats in 2008. Ever since then we have been working as hard as possible to deliver you the highest quality and most innovative Hip Hop, RnB, & Rap beats for affordable prices on a weekly basis. Since we were both born in the late 80’s / early 90’s, we were lucky enough to be influenced by the classic Golden Era of Hip Hop music.

Nevertheless, we consistently keep an ear & eye on the modern sounds of the music industry to combine the classic techniques of music production with modern elements. When you want to buy beats, we know exactly what you’re looking for. Record your next hit to our rap beats today – no need spend big bucks right away when you buy beats. We offer different licensing options to our instrumentals for small and big budgets to give established as well as up and coming artists the chance to record on high quality rap beats while working economically correct.

Our philosophy is that you, as the artist, should be able to get recognition for your music and hard work without having to pay the whole exclusive rights to an instrumental up front when you buy beats – you can invest in yourself by getting affordable  licenses to our rap beats first, record draft songs or simply use them for promotional use, grow your fanbase organically, then buy beats with the optimal license. Using rap beats by The Cratez comes with the possibility to adjust the licenses to your music distribution needs in any situation.

Our store systems are completely automated in order to make everything easy for both parties. Therefore, when you buy beats you will receive all files to your purchased instrumentals instantly after purchasing them – no matter what license to our rap beats you decide to get. We hope that you enjoy the music in our store, thanks for visiting our site. Make sure to check out our other website sections as well,  you will not regret visiting our website to buy beats.